Clinics We Offer

Diabetic Clinic

Regular check-ups and advice from Alisa or Angie our Practice nurses on lifestyle and medication. Blood test monitoring of HbA1c and cholesterol. 


Asthma & COPD

Regular check-ups and advice on lifestyle, inhaler techniques and medication with Nurse Alisa are offered.

BP Management Clinic

Regular check-ups and advice from our Practice nurse on lifestyle and medication for people with high blood pressure.

These clinics are held with Nurse Elizabeth Jones.

Minor Operation

Cryospray (freezing method) for suitable skin lesions.

Other minor surgery procedures arranged by appointment with your doctor.

Heart Disease

Annual check-up and advice from our Practice nurse on lifestyle and medication.

Blood test monitoring of cholesterol. These clinics are held on alternate Mondays with Nurse Elizabeth Jones.

Antenatal Care

Routine antenatal check-ups by our midwife take place on Thursdays.

Mother and Baby

A drop-in clinic is run by the health visitor at the library.

This clinic offers advice and weight checking.

Child Immunisations

Routine childhood immunisations are held during the week. 

Click here for more information on the NHS immunisation schedule.

Leg Ulcer

Vascular assessment and prevention / treatment of leg ulcers.


Flu Vaccinations

We run flu jab sessions from September onwards.